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The Book: "The Jade Egg Practice - Sexercises for Your Love Muscle"

Many years ago the practice of qi gong acted as a catalyst to bring about a major needed change in my life. I then discovered the Taoist Healing Love practices and a whole new world opened up to me. I am so passionate about the Jade Egg practice as it had an immense positive impact on my life.

I have been a Taoist practitioner for over a decade. I have been teaching the Taoist jade egg practice in my workshops for women for several years. Through my work with women I recognised how important it is to bring the jade egg practice into the wider public.

I have written this book to make this Taoist practice accessible to all women. It is a clear and concise guide that will give you all the information you need to start your practice.


Please note that E-book (pdf file) is in colour whereas the printed book is in black and white.

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Also available as e-book (pdf file).
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Mp3 Album: "Jade Egg Exercises"

Guided Jade Egg Exercises Audio

This mp3 album (spoken by Uta) contains selected exercises and meditations from the book "The Jade Egg Practice - Sexercises for Your Love Muscle"

For full instructions of the exercises, it is recommended to also read the book "The Jade Egg Practice - Sexercises for Your Love Muscle". This mp3 album contains the following exercises from the book:

  1. Waking Your Body
  2. Spinal Cord Breathing
  3. Circling Your Hips
  4. Activate Your Love Muscle
  5. Deep Squatting
  6. The Inner Smile
  7. Explore the Yoniverse
  8. 1-2-3 Love Muscle Contractions
  9. Mountain Rises from the Sea
  10. Sexy Thighs
  11. The Cat
  12. Completing Your Practice


Please note that the mp3 album is available as immediate download.

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