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The Taoist Jade Egg Practice for Women

The Jade Egg practice forms part of the women’s practices in the Tao. The Jade Egg serves as a tool to awaken sexual energy, to maintain or create healthy sexual organs, and to enhance one's love life with oneself and with one's partner.

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This powerful practice originated in ancient China. Ancient China had an immense interest in the relationship between sex, health and longevity. The earliest known sexology texts stem from China. Their main theme being that youthfulness, health and longevity can be attained during blissful hours in the bedchamber.


The Jade Egg serves as a key tool for
awakening and cultivating sexual energy

The Jade Egg is a key tool in the art and mastery of cultivating sexual energy. Sexual energy is the creative life force energy. The practices awaken and cultivate sexual energy as they focus on the area that contains this creative life force energy.


The Jade Egg tones and strengthens the pelvic floor

The use of a Jade Egg is effective in toning the love muscles. Exercising with the Jade Egg can help to heal the pelvic floor and prevent issues connected with a weak pelvic floor such as urinary incontinence.

As mentioned in Marie Claire magazine
'[...] work on tightening the pelvic muscles. The most effective method is to use a small exercise aid such as a jade egg. You start with a large egg, practice squeezing it, and then gradually move down to a smaller egg. This will not only flex your vaginal and urethral muscles, it will also strengthen the top of your pubic bone and help to lubricate your vagina"

- Marie Claire Magazine November 2011

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The Jade Egg practice is deeply healing

For most women, sacredness and heart-connection during sex and in relationships is very important. The Jade Egg practice is a heart-centred practice. It transforms the relationship one has with oneself and one's sexuality.

Often women are not in touch with their sexuality and repress their sexual energy. Many women are cut off from their pelvis and sexual organs. They may even be in fear of the power of female sexuality.

The Jade Egg practice is a beautiful tool that enables women to connect with their sensual and sexual selves. Through the practices women integrate all aspects of themselves including their sexual selves.

For a woman who has lost or has never had the connection with her sexuality and her Yoni, (a Sanskrit word for ‘female genitalia’ and describes a sacred place) the Jade Egg serves as a tool to ignite her sexual energy, love for herself and all parts of her body and transfer this into healthy relationships with others. The Jade Egg practice enables a woman to think and feel sensually and sexually by bringing loving awareness to her Yoni and sexuality.

The practices nourish self love and respect. They empower a woman to become more of the woman she has always dreamed she could be. Love for life and self, changes and deepens. Change always starts with oneself first. This transformed relationship with Self and Yoni can then also manifest in a partnership.

The acceptance of ourselves as sexual beings is key to living a healthy life in balance and integrity. As women, we need to accept and celebrate our sexuality and sexual energy. A repression of sexual energy is a repression of life force energy.

'The Jade Egg for me is about connection. Connection with self, deep inner exploration and insight. Connection with my partner - subtle sensing of each other.

My egg helped me discover the mystery that is my yoni, building a respectful relationship with my most yin and most yang. After years of forceful experiences I was gently guided to allow myself to open. The egg allowed me to see the possibility of real acceptance; where first listening and then honouring what was, without judgment, formed the steps toward a deeper communication with me. In fact, the first time I honoured my yoni's resistance to the egg, I cried at the realisation of just how often I had allowed this Gate to my Inner Paradise to be bulldozed over without care.

Gratefully, a new way was found and my deeper connection with myself is helping me form a deeper connection with my partner.

After a Jade Egg practice I asked him to hold my egg and the light in his eyes as he "felt" me in a whole new way took us to a space of blending and togetherness I could never have imagined. So is the power of this great tool, my egg.

And one day, I will enjoy the wisdom it brings for pregnancy and post-birth too!' - S.J.


The Jade Egg practice connects women
with their feminine / yin essence

With the Jade Egg practice, women reclaim their feminine strength and connect with their yin essence. The qualities of yin are deep, soft, gentle, relaxed, receptive, nourishing and healing. In the West, we live in a very yang oriented world and for women, it is so important to connect with their yin core in order to balance the yang way of living which is so prominent in our society.


The Jade Egg practice is a holistic practice

As you know you are more than your physical body. The practices help to improve a woman's health on all levels as the exercises focus on the area of the body which contains the sexual energy. The Jade Egg practice tones the muscles of your pelvic floor AND has an effect on your whole being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

'If I could wave a magic wand I would wish that every woman in the world would use and benefit from owning a Jade Egg. It has been so beneficial both physically and mentally transforming me on profound level. The additional work that can be done will awake your inner consciousness and expand experiences. Try it and you'll have a friend for life!' - Jaya in London


The Jade Egg practice enhances sexual pleasure

The Jade Egg practice greatly enhances sexual pleasure - for both partners. It is well documented that there is a definite correlation between a good tone of the pelvic floor muscles and the intensity of orgasm.

But the Jade Egg practice is more than a physical work-out for the pelvic floor. The Taoist sexual practices - the Art of the Bedchamber - encompasses so much more, such as increased sensuality, pleasure and awareness and the practices contribute to a deeper connection and intimacy between both partners.


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