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The Jade Egg Practice for Women

The Jade Egg is a key tool in cultivating sexual energy and improving pelvic health. Learn how to use the Jade Egg - have more powerful orgasms, increase your libido and maintain a healthy pelvic floor and sexual organs.

Upcoming Workshop:
The Tao of Love (for Women Only)
Alternatives - Sun, 5 February (10:30 - 17:00)

The Tao of Love is about walking your own path a path rooted in love. Taoist meditations and practices enable us to connect with our own inner wisdom, cultivate our radiance and open us to a richer experience of life.

Taoists have always understood that sexuality is an integral part of our health and wellness. Sexuality is not suppressed but embraced. When sexual energy is combined with the loving energy of the heart it becomes the greatest healing force in the world.

In this workshop you will learn meditations, qi gong exercises and the jade egg practice to open your heart, connect with your feminine essence and cultivate your sexual energy. The exercises are practised wearing loose comfortable clothing.

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The Jade Egg Practice - Sexercises For Your Love Muscle

by Uta Demontis

This is a book for women who want to enhance their sexual pleasure, cultivate their sexual energy and create and maintain a healthy pelvic floor. For many women their pelvis, which includes the vagina, is a region that is disconnected and numb. With the exercises in this book you can revitalise this area and return it to a good relationship with the rest of your body. Training your pelvic floor and sexual organs keeps them young, vital and healthy.

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Also available as e-book (pdf file).
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